Christmas With A Technical Dad

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Christmas as a parent is stressful, it’s worth it but my God it’s stressful!

Running around before bed making sure everything is set for the morning, then a couple of hours later being woken up with excited little feet running around because “he’s been!”

Weeks of wrapping undone in minutes but seeing the joy on their faces makes everything worthwhile. As they go upstairs and play with a toy they’ve had for years…!

Christmas Struggles

After the arguing over whose turn it is and battling against the screws and ties holding toys in their boxes (seriously, when did that become a thing?!?) It’s finally time for Christmas Dinner!


My wife is amazing in the kitchen and for as long as I remember we’ve hosted at Christmas. In-laws at the ready and dinner is served! “My tummy is full…” Brilliant. At least she’ll eat desert!!

It’s my job to make sure screwdrivers are at hand, batteries are ready and anything that isn’t working, is fixed! It’s tiring work but now it’s time to relax.

It’s that time of night now where the kids are in bed, PJ’s are on, a cat is on my lap, TV is on and I’m about to slip into a meat and chocolate induced coma.

Happy Christmas everyone! Hope everyone has had an awesome day, I know I have!

20-Week Scan!

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Yesterday was our 20 week scan and although we had already found out, we had confirmation that we were going to be having a BOY!

That will be two boys, one girl, three cats and two rabbits. Quite the house full!!

The two kids are very excited about their baby brother and we’re talking to them throughout the pregnancy to make sure they’re fully involved ready for his arrival.

We were also told that the placenta is low sitting, which means it’s very close to the cervix. Apparently, this happens a lot and usually rises up by 36 weeks but we have to return for another scan to check on it.

I’m being positive about it and after reading that 99.5% of the time it fixes itself, it does mean that there’s 0.5% chance that it won’t and we won’t be able to have a home birth.

I’m a gambling man and 99.5% is good enough for me. We’ve ordered the birthing pool, so just like Darcey, our boy can be born at home.

It will be interesting to hear if anyone else had similar issues during their pregnancy. It will be reassuring too!

Kids at Christmas

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What exactly does Santa bring?

I’ve seen a few friends ask this question and it’s the first year I’ve seen it being a widespread concern… What exactly does Santa Claus bring?

Does he bring all presents for your kids? Or does he bring one and the rest are for friends and family.

I guess there’s no right or wrong here and whatever works for you and your family is the best way forward.

This year, my wife and I have decided that Santa brings main present(s) and a stocking. Everything else is from us or other family members.

I guess that way, they can be thankful for the gifts they get off other people whilst at the same time knowing that the jolly fat man is still in charge. The naughty list will always be an ever useful threat!!

Anker KARAPAX iPhone Case

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The first thing I’m going to review is a case for my iPhone. I’m doing this first because I’ve had my fair share of smashed iPhone screens over the years.

About two weeks ago, I was in the Apple Store getting a new screen fitted after an unfortunate event involving a desk and my iPhone. I didn’t even drop it, it was in my pocket!

Anyway, after a long journey home from London, Darcey had my iPhone in the back seat of the car, she’s fallen asleep and my iPhone had dropped in between the seat and the car door… I opened the car door and CRASH! My iPhone dropped to the floor. Luckily, I had this new case and thankfully, nothing happened!

The Karapax Silicone Gel Rubber Shockproof case protected it and did exactly what I expect a case to do! The case gives all round protection and even though the iPhone dropped face down, there’s enough of the rubber case poking out above the screen that it was protected nicely!

One thing I worry about in cases is too much bulk being added. Especially with an iPhone Plus already being on the large side! Whilst the Karapax does add a bit of bulk to the iPhone, I find its a reassuring amount and not too much that you can’t even fit it in your pocket!

It feels secure in your hands and honestly feels well protected. The rubber texture even helps you when using the iPhone as it feels safely tucked in your hand and you get a good grip of your iPhone.

As you can see from the photos, it’s a subtle case and you can still access all the buttons you will need dotted around the iPhone.

If you’re looking for a case which adds protection for little bumps whilst feeling safe and secure whilst using it, I’d definitely recommend the Karapax. Especially if your little ones have a habit of playing with and potentially dropping your device!

You can get the Karapax on Amazon amongst other places. Currently priced at £10.99 for the iPhone 7/8 Plus or £10.99 for the iPhone X.

Anker make some great cases so check out their full range. I use Anker for a lot of different things so expect more reviews from one of my favourite brands soon.