Welcome to Technical Dad.

So I’ve been wondering how to start this blog and what to write about first. I suppose one way would be to introduce myself and my family.

So together with my wife, there’s Finley (9) and Darcey (2) both kids act much older than they are which makes for eventful days in our crazy household. Then earlier this week, we had a scan to check on Baby number 3!

Due in May, Threepio (my name for bump, not my wife’s!) will be arriving and we all couldn’t be more excited!

I work in Tech Support, working late and night shifts whilst my wife is a Childminder. This means when I’m at home, I’m her assistant. With kids around all day, you’d think that would put us off having more but it really hasn’t.

Hopefully this combination will lead to lots of blog posts, lots of tales and lots of ways to help everyone with tips, tricks and ways to keep kids entertained. Either that, or funny stories about my kids and ways I get wound up!!

Hope you enjoy reading what I’ve got to share and most importantly that you come back to read more!