“Look Daddy…”

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There are a few phrases that a toddler will say which bring fear and dread into any parent… Sometimes you have to bring out FBI-level negotiation skills, like when your kid looks at you with a smirk whilst holding a sharpie: “Don’t move. Stand still. Would you like some choc-choc?”

It’s when you hear “Look Daddy…” that your mind races and hundreds of possibilities run through your head. What is she showing me? What am I about to witness? Like the other day when Darcey exclaimed that she had painted her own nails.

The panic on my face as she walked over the carpet was obvious and I immediately scooped her up and put her down on the playmat. Panic! It’s the first time baby wipes haven’t worked in cleaning something up! Sarah had to get her nail varnish remover out (of course that would work!)

On closer inspection, Darcey had also done her make-up and put some lipstick on! The accompanying pout was both hilarious and adorable.

Permanent pens and make-up are two of the most frightening things when in the hands of a toddler. The only other thing that scares me more is when you hear a toilet flush and then the words “Bye Bye!!”

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