Happy New Year!

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So by now, we’ve crash landed back to reality as the holidays end and everyone returns to work! The kids however, appear to have another week off. It’s started already… “I’m bored!”

There’s dozens of toys that still haven’t been opened and plenty of bedroom-tidying to be done, but boredom has well and truly taken over! Luckily Finley has found some paper and is currently drawing his favourite ‘Five Night’s At Freddy’s’ characters.

Together with the Childminding kids (my wife Sarah is an EYFS Childminder) our kids are seeing who can shout “Mine!” the loudest. School holidays have a lot to answer for…

I’ve decided to spend the next couple of days to find cheap things to do in January, so expect a post on what I find soon!

In the meantime whilst Sarah’s busy working and we try to entertain and educate a kaggle of kids (like a gaggle of geese but louder) we’re figuring out ways for the kids to realise that chocolate for breakfast is no longer acceptable.

Wish us luck!!

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