The Post-Christmas Cleanup

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Wow. After a few days of sofa squatting and chocolate eating, it’s finally time for the great post-Christmas cleanup…

The living room looks like Toys R Us has vomited everywhere. I think we’ve single handily kept them from liquidation!

We’ve tried to find a home for everything that’s appeared and although the kids bedrooms are still to be sorted, the living room is clean and tidy!!

So much so that Finley has found some space to play the PlayStation VR properly!!

Whilst he swivels around and shouts at the TV, my wife Sarah is treating herself to a shower (in a rare twist, both kids remain downstairs!) and I get to put my feet up with a cup of coffee.

Let’s hope it lasts… The kids are entertained and so far haven’t declared their dire state of boredom today. This definitely won’t last!

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