Christmas With A Technical Dad

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Christmas as a parent is stressful, it’s worth it but my God it’s stressful!

Running around before bed making sure everything is set for the morning, then a couple of hours later being woken up with excited little feet running around because “he’s been!”

Weeks of wrapping undone in minutes but seeing the joy on their faces makes everything worthwhile. As they go upstairs and play with a toy they’ve had for years…!

Christmas Struggles

After the arguing over whose turn it is and battling against the screws and ties holding toys in their boxes (seriously, when did that become a thing?!?) It’s finally time for Christmas Dinner!


My wife is amazing in the kitchen and for as long as I remember we’ve hosted at Christmas. In-laws at the ready and dinner is served! “My tummy is full…” Brilliant. At least she’ll eat desert!!

It’s my job to make sure screwdrivers are at hand, batteries are ready and anything that isn’t working, is fixed! It’s tiring work but now it’s time to relax.

It’s that time of night now where the kids are in bed, PJ’s are on, a cat is on my lap, TV is on and I’m about to slip into a meat and chocolate induced coma.

Happy Christmas everyone! Hope everyone has had an awesome day, I know I have!

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