20-Week Scan!

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Yesterday was our 20 week scan and although we had already found out, we had confirmation that we were going to be having a BOY!

That will be two boys, one girl, three cats and two rabbits. Quite the house full!!

The two kids are very excited about their baby brother and we’re talking to them throughout the pregnancy to make sure they’re fully involved ready for his arrival.

We were also told that the placenta is low sitting, which means it’s very close to the cervix. Apparently, this happens a lot and usually rises up by 36 weeks but we have to return for another scan to check on it.

I’m being positive about it and after reading that 99.5% of the time it fixes itself, it does mean that there’s 0.5% chance that it won’t and we won’t be able to have a home birth.

I’m a gambling man and 99.5% is good enough for me. We’ve ordered the birthing pool, so just like Darcey, our boy can be born at home.

It will be interesting to hear if anyone else had similar issues during their pregnancy. It will be reassuring too!

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