4D Scans

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4D scans used to freak me out, they always seemed to pick up bits of placenta or umbilical cord and made baby look like they had a growth on their head.

Now either technology has moved along, or being a parent has changed my view to this. As we had a scan at the weekend and it was strangely beautiful to see my Son in all his 4D, foot-sucking glory!

On a sidenote, I would argue that although the scan is 4D, you only get a 3D picture and even then it’s a 2D image of a 3D object. So technically it shouldn’t be any different to a normal scan but then they wouldn’t be able to charge more for it! </Geek>

Anyway, it was great to see Threepio and to see him flipping his legs around, throwing his feet into his mouth and actually opening his eyes to look at what all the noise was about!

It was also reassuring to see that the low-lying placenta I had mentioned previously had moved up as we had hoped. Which means that although we have another scan at 36 weeks, things are on track for our home birth which we are planning!

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