Monthly Archives: December 2017

The Post-Christmas Cleanup

Wow. After a few days of sofa squatting and chocolate eating, it’s finally time for the great post-Christmas cleanup… The living room looks like Toys R Us has vomited everywhere…. Read more »

Christmas With A Technical Dad

Christmas as a parent is stressful, it’s worth it but my God it’s stressful! Running around before bed making sure everything is set for the morning, then a couple of… Read more »

20-Week Scan!

Yesterday was our 20 week scan and although we had already found out, we had confirmation that we were going to be having a BOY! That will be two boys,… Read more »

Kids at Christmas

What exactly does Santa bring? I’ve seen a few friends ask this question and it’s the first year I’ve seen it being a widespread concern… What exactly does Santa Claus… Read more »

Anker KARAPAX iPhone Case

The first thing I’m going to review is a case for my iPhone. I’m doing this first because I’ve had my fair share of smashed iPhone screens over the years…. Read more »