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An Official Announcement

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted, lots has been happening over the last few weeks. Including 2 weeks of slow labour, which finally came to an end this… Read more »

Maternity Ward

There’s nothing like a weekend visit to the Maternity Ward! After being in pain most of the week, it got to breaking point this afternoon and Sarah called the hospital… Read more »

4D Scans

4D scans used to freak me out, they always seemed to pick up bits of placenta or umbilical cord and made baby look like they had a growth on their… Read more »

“Look Daddy…”

There are a few phrases that a toddler will say which bring fear and dread into any parent… Sometimes you have to bring out FBI-level negotiation skills, like when your… Read more »

Happy New Year!

So by now, we’ve crash landed back to reality as the holidays end and everyone returns to work! The kids however, appear to have another week off. It’s started already…… Read more »

The Post-Christmas Cleanup

Wow. After a few days of sofa squatting and chocolate eating, it’s finally time for the great post-Christmas cleanup… The living room looks like Toys R Us has vomited everywhere…. Read more »